Clean Growth

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Job Creation

The manufacturing process alone of each Orbital turbine is estimated to require over 50FTE skilled jobs in the UK. By building projects with multiple machines, the jobs created will be multiplied, resulting in a meaningful industry, even at small unit volumes.

Operating Orbital tidal projects will also require locally based skilled service personnel, creating long-term valuable jobs in coastal communities.

We aim to invest in and build an industry that not only delivers predictable green power but provides UK jobs and grows UK exports.


Manufacturing jobs created per turbine

15-20 years

Expected life of project


In our efforts to aid the global transition away from fossil fuels, we have drawn on our engineering heritage from right here in the UK.

By building in the UK we’re providing the opportunity for skilled labourers to diversify their knowledge and commit their fantastic capabilities to deliver our vision and uphold our standards and principles for a cleaner future.


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